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There are dozens, probably hundreds, of newsletters that cover what’s happening in the NLP space. If you subscribe to even a handful, you’ll recognize that they generally tend to cover the same small number of stories considered salient and newsworthy.

Net result:  you spend most of your time scanning through the content to find something you haven’t seen before.

This Week in NLP aims to be different. We scan hundreds of sources – all the standard journalistic sources, but also newswires, newsletters and blogs – with the aim of providing coverage that’s as comprehensive and complete as possible.  We provide concise one-line summaries of each story, organised under topic headings.

Net result: you can easily scan for long-tail news that’s relevant to your particular interests; you get to decide which stories are important. 

We constantly update our list of sources with the aim of capturing 100% of the NLP stories in any given week.  Published every Friday, This Week in NLP can serve as a quick end-of-week check that you didn’t miss something that might be important to you.

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