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I spend hours every week reading news feeds, Twitter and a variety of blogs to keep up to date with what's happening in the world of commercial natural language processing.  If you share my interests, you can take advantage of that effort by subscribing to my free weekly newsletter.  It's very short:  it highlights the five most interesting and relevant NLP happenings I've seen in the preceding week, with pointers to sources.   Plus you'll be the first to know when new blog postings are made to this site.

'This Week in NLP' is generally published late on a Friday evening in Sydney, Australia.  That means that it will appear very early on Friday for readers on the west coast of the USA, and around the middle of the day for European readers.

Past Newsletter Issues

Note that this page is only updated periodically — subscribe to the newsletter to keep up to date.

  • Issue 46, 30th August 2019: Speech Synthesis News; Visible Language; Voice Ubiquity; Attacking Disinformation; Text Comes to a Full Stop?

  • Issue 45, 23rd August 2019:  Computer as Author; Who is the Smartest Assistant of Them All?; Google News; Start-ups to Watch; Funding

  • Issue 44, 16th August 2019:  AI Rots Your Brain; Open the Black Box; Better Engines; NLP in Health; Funding and Acquisitions

  • Issue 43, 9th August 2019:  Who's Listening, Continued; Get Some Protection; Text-to-Speech Improvements; Voice Everywhere; Funding and Acquisitions

  • Issue 42, 2nd August 2019: NLG News; Hey Cortana, Where Are You?; Bots Behaving Badly; Speaking in Other Tongues; Funding

  • Issue 41, 26th July 2019: Brief Analysis is Hot; Computer as Author; China by Numbers; Speaking in Other Tongues; Funding

  • Issue 40, 19th July 2019: HealthBots; New Legal Tech Apps; Voice Data Leakage; Explainability; Funding

  • Issue 39, 12th July 2019:  Which is the Smartest Assistant of Them All?; Alibaba Has The Answers; Virtual Presenters; Ask Dr Alexa; Funding

  • Issue 38, 5th July 2019: Baidu Lets You Keep Talking; Bixby Answers with Capsules; Is Cortana Leaving Home?; Alexa Doesn’t Forget; Funding

  • Issue 37, 28th June 2019: Some of my Best Friends are AIs; Machine Storytelling; Bixby is Still in the Game; Voice Ubiquity; Funding News

  • Issue 36, 21st June 2019: Translation Gadgetry; An End to Death by Powerpoint?; Who Do You Trust with Your Data?; Voice Ability; Funding News

  • Issue 35, 14th June 2019: IBM – the NLP Comeback Kid?; Legal Partnerships; Even Machines Have Bubbles; Beware False Equivalences; Funding and Acquisitions

  • Issue 34, 7th June 2019: Voice to Face; News about Fake News; Voice Interface News; Are You Feeling Aiporic Yet?; Funding and Acquisitions

  • Issue 33, 31st May 2019: For the Couch Potatoes; NLG Improves Your Text; Is Fake Always Bad?; Alexa Skills Growth via No-Code; Funding and Acquisitions

  • Issue 32, 24th May 2019: The Walls Have Ears; Voice Assistants Reinforce Harmful Stereotypes; Alexa Becomes a Better Listener; Duplex Gets a Little Help; Funding and Acquisitions

  • Issue 31, 17th May 2019: Speech to Speech Translation; Open Sourcing; AI on the Edge; More Google News; Funding and Acquisitions

  • Issue 30, 10th May 2019: NLP at Microsoft Build; NLP at Google I/O; Hey Alexa, Still There?; Robot Writers Branch Out; Funding and Acquisitions

  • Issue 29, 3rd May 2019: Shakespeare, meet Sentiment Analysis; Fake News Anchors; Document AI; Alexa News; Funding News

  • Issue 28, 26th April 2019: What Happens to Your Voice Data?; Invocable No Longer Invokable; Speech Tech Advances; Talk to the Government; Funding News

  • Issue 27, 19th April 2019: Soothe That Road Rage; A Facebook Voice Assistant; Speech Tech Advances; Going Multilingual; Funding News

  • Issue 26, 12th April 2019:  NLP in Journalism; Computer as Author; NLP in Legal Tech; Machine Subtitling; Funding and Acquisitions

  • Issue 25, 5th April 2019:  Legal Tech is Booming; Google News; Speech Turf Wars; Chatbots Everywhere; Funding and Acquisitions

  • Issue 24, 29th March 2019: Hyper-realistic Dialog Automation; Gender Neutrality; Legal Tech News; Handwritten Poetry, by Machine; Funding News

  • Issue 23, 22nd March 2019:  Adding AI to BI; Australians like their Smart Speakers; NLP in China; Truth and Lies; Funding News

  • Issue 22, 15th March 2019:  News in the News; Good News or Bad News?; On-device Speech Recognition; Genderless Assistance; Funding and Acquisitions

  • Issue 21, 8th March 2019: The Walls Have Ears; Digitizing Data; New Smart Speaker Report; Established Players Raise More Cash; Other Funding News

  • Issue 20, 1st March 2019:  AI News Anchors; Google Speech APIs Update; Translators Need Not Apply; Alibaba Ahead in Smart Speaker Sales; Funding and Acquisitions

  • Issue 19, 22nd February 2019: This Week’s New Virtual Assistance; Speech Recognition Gets Better; Speech Recognition Gets More Languages; Skills Wars; Funding and Acquisitions

  • Issue 18, 15th February 2019: Better Quality Fake News; This Week's Chatbot Sightings; Making Tools Easier to Access; NLP in Business Intelligence; Funding and Acquisitions

  • Issue 17, 8th February 2019:  Language Bias; NLP Gets Healthy; Missed the Super Bowl Ads?; Robo-journalism on the Rise; Talking Money

  • Issue 16, 1st February 2019:  Conversational Cars; There's a Chatbot for That; Alexa Everywhere; More Legal Tech; Funding News

  • Issue 15, 25th January 2019:  Cortana Still Looking for Her Rightful Place; Legal Tech Funding; Alexa's Getting Better; Patent Warfare; Machine Translation News

  • Issue 14, 18th January 2019:  Advances in Legal Tech; Why Talk to People When You Can Talk to Machines?; NLP in the News; Learning How To Live with Lies; Funding and Acquisitions

  • Issue 13, 11th January 2019:  The Proliferation of Smart Devices; What’s Coming in Google Assistant in 2019; Translation News; Sogou Ranks First in Conversational QA

  • Issue 12, 4th January 2019:  AI for Writer's Block; Smart Speaker Ubiquity?; Amazon Had a Great Year; Which is the Smartest Speaker of Them All?; There's a $ in $urveillance

  • End of year break: No newsletter on 21st or 28th December 2018

  • Issue 11, 14th December 2018: NLP in Legal Tech; More Reading for the Break; More Legal Tech; Reshaping the News; This Week's Funding News

  • Issue 10, 7th December 2018: Alibaba Outdoes Google?; Alexa Prize Winner; 'AI and the News' Open Challenge; Open the Pod Bay Doors, CIMON; AI for Accessibility

  • Issue 9, 30th November 2018: Healthy NLP; Self-Censoring AI; Conversational AI Funding; Talking Pictures; Thank you, Virtual Agent

  • Issue 8, 23rd November 2018: Better Fake Newsreaders; Amazon NLP APIs Update; Fighting Fakery; Automated Voice Profiling; Robo Periodismo

  • Issue 7, 16th November 2018: HeyOkSiriCortanaAlexaGoogle; Save Your Legal Fees; Pryon Raises $4.5M; Just Ask the Data; Hey Alexa, Make Dinner

  • Issue 6, 9th November 2018: Build for Bixby!; Home vs Away; Google Knows Better?; The Scrutiny of the Press;  Fake Newsreaders;

  • Issue 5, 2nd November 2018: Conversica Raises $31 million; Robo-writing hits Hollywood; Another Speech Rec Record; Has Facebook Lost its Voice?; Speech in a Vacuum

  • Issue 4, 26th October 2018: Simultaneous MT Gets Closer; Are Your Ears Burning?; Making Ads Conversational; Sit Down for This One; This is Ridiculous

  • Issue 3, 19th October 2018: Duplex Really is Coming Soon; Fake Everything; The Universal Translator; Is Cortana the New Clippy?; A Social Network for Bots

  • Issue 2, 12th October 2018:  Artificial Solutions; Amazon Alexa; Apple's Siri; Jarvish; Essential

  • Issue 1, 5th October 2018: Apple's response to Google's Smart Compose?; Alexa can be hacked by chirping birds; Microsoft SwiftKey integrated with Translator; Nearly a quarter of US households own a smart speaker; Amazon Translate tops survey of Neural MT Engines