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The Language Technology Group's principal consultant is Dr Robert Dale, an internationally-recognised expert in Natural Language Processing. 


Robert has been researching and building NLP applications for over 35 years. He has taught NLP at the University of Edinburgh and Macquarie University, where he was a full professor and director of the Centre for Language Technology. For 10 years, he was editor-in-chief of Computational Linguistics, the field's most prestigious journal. He has written around 200 peer-reviewed papers and authored or edited several books, including a comprehensive Handbook of Natural Language Processing, and the de facto textbook on Building Natural Language Generation Systems.  He has delivered NLP solutions for companies including Nuance and Microsoft, and provided consulting services to many others; and as CTO of Arria NLG, he created and drove the development of the company's flagship SaaS product.   He writes an opinion column for the Journal of Natural Language Engineering, and publishes 'This Week in NLP', a weekly newsletter that tracks what's happening in the commercial NLP space.

If you need unbiased advice on any aspect of NLP from an experienced professional, get in touch.

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