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Text Analytics APIs 2018:  A Consumer Guide

Now available! 
A unique deep-dive technical review of
26 software-as-a-service Text Analytics APIs.

Almost 300 pages of valuable information and insights including:

  • The 10 key Text Analytics capabilities defined using vendor-neutral terminology

  • How Text Analytics fits into the wider commercial NLP landscape

  • Two-page capsule summaries of products from 26 vendors, outlining their key features

  • Detailed analysis of each capability offered by each API, with extensive output examples

  • Numerous tables enabling easy comparison of the key capabilities offered by each vendor

  • Enumeration of the entity types and relations identified by each API.


Our capsule summaries provide a quick overview of what the APIs offer, covering:

  • Key facts about the vendor

  • Text Analytics capabilities summarized

  • Related functionalities

  • Scope for user customization

  • Language support

  • Programming support and integrations

  • Documentation

  • Access and pricing


Our detailed discussion of capabilities includes:


  • Key definitions

  • Comparison tables of the features offered by each API

  • Example outputs – see exactly what you’ll get from each API.

We provide details on the free trial offerings from each vendor, and comparison pricing tables that indicate the costs of using each service for a range of typical scenarios involving the processing of tweets, reviews and news stories.

You could spend weeks collecting the relevant information from vendor sites, signing up for trial accounts, and fighting with the idiosyncrasies of each API. 

Or you can get everything here, all in one massively hyperlinked eBook that makes it easy to find to the information you need, fast.

  • 299 pages

  • 10 key capabilities defined plus 30 niche capabilities described

  • 26 products reviewed

  • 50 tables enumerating and comparing key features

  • 187 example outputs

  • Comparison pricing for 12 typical usage scenarios.

About the Author:

Dr Robert Dale is an internationally-recognized expert in Natural Language Processing, with three decades of experience in academia and industry.  With a PhD from the University of Edinburgh, he’s worked for Microsoft and Nuance, and he’s driven the development of SaaS-based NLP software for a startup.   He has taught at the University of Edinburgh in the UK and at Macquarie University in Sydney, and presented tutorials and summer school courses around the world. He has over 150 peer-reviewed publications, including a comprehensive Handbook of Natural Language Processing, and the de facto textbook Building Natural Language Generation Systems.

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Text Analytics APIs 2018:  A Consumer Guide